Stay close to the things that feel like Sunshine

Kasia wearing the Elsa Top

Meet Kasia…and her ride or die, Daisy (also known as @ridewithdaisy). A duo that radiates sunshine, happiness and yellow! We caught up with Kasia and took a test drive around the Byron Hinterland all while getting to know her story of how Daisy came into her life.

Sunset Dances in the Byron Hinterland in our Wilde Kimono

So Who’s Daisy? And how did she get her name? Give us a little back story of how she became yours.
Daisy’s my daily drive- a 1978 Daihatsu F20 4×4. 
Camping at Yorkes over the October long weekend a couple of years ago, I drove past the general store at Hardwicke Bay where she was parked for sale. On the drivers seat I saw the car manual which had ‘Daisy’s manual’ written on it. Hence the name! I contacted the owner, went for a test drive and the rest is history!

Daisy is much more than a car…what does she represent for you?
Daisy represents living life in the slow lane, taking in the journey with an adventurous spirit, breathing in the wild air and embracing all that’s around the corner. 

Kasia wearing our Vintage Jacket

What is your zodiac sign….and if Daisy had one what would hers be?
Sagittarius. The same! Fuelled by new faces and new adventures. 

Favorite places you’ve been on a drive with Daisy?
I drove Daisy from Adelaide, SA to Byron over 4 days- loved cruising up the east coast. Few favourite places include; Stradbroke Island, Rainbow Beach, Noosa and Byron Hinterland. 

Car Side styled with our whiteBoho Lace Pants

Did you know much about cars before getting Daisy? What is one piece of advice you’d give someone interested in buying an old car!
Just the basics! It’s always a good idea to get any car inspected before you buy it. 

Daisy must get some attention while you are on the road…do you have any memorable experiences because of it?
She gets a number of peace signs, big smiles and shakas thrown her way!  

How would you describe your personal style? Fun, free-spirited, ’70s wannabe with a soft spot for denim shorts, velvet and leopard print. 

Listen to a A Daisy Inspired Playsuit made by Kasia for your next road trip or drive during golden hour!

Make sure to follow Daisy and Kasia on their journey at Ride with Daisy and Shop Kasia’s Groovy outfits here:

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