A look into our Archives

With the rise of Vintage Fashion and appreciation for timeless styles, we took a little stroll down memory lane to see the story of Blush and Bloo and how it all began…

It all started with our designer and owner, Jenny Jazz, and her gypset lifestyle. At age 16 she left home from the small town of Woy Woy Bay in the central coast of Australia with a passion for designing clothes. She travelled to Indonesia, Los Angeles, Spain and Italy and launched her career in Fashion.

Pictured: Jenny Jazz, Designer and Owner of Blush and Bloo

Jenny’s career grew in LA as she designed for the Hollywood scene. She landed a job as a costume designer for Penthouse magazine, designed bridesmaids dresses for rockstar weddings and worked in movies and music videos.

Polaroid before the Photoshoot began
Lycra and Rubber swimwear

We went back to to find Jenny’s sketches, design boards, and photoshoots from the 80’s.

Evening photoshoots in downtown LA
Check out those accessories!
A sexy twist on the little black dress

Flashforward 30 years later, Blush and Bloo has transformed into a into a timeless fashion brand where inspiration has come from Jenny’s travels all around the world. As styles are constantly being recycled, re-worked and re-loved, we love seeing where we began and keep dreaming of where we are headed next.

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